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5 Tips for Cleaning A Portable Ice Maker

Ice makers can get disgusting over time. I put my portable ice maker away for the winter and when I pulled it down from the shelf it was filled with dirt, grime, and even mold. It was a terrible sight. I right away ran to my computer and looked up ways to clean your portable ice maker from ...

Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

We all enjoy taking our furry friends out for rides with us in the car. Or maybe, you are often on the road and there is no one at home to stay with you pet. Whichever the reason you might have for moving your cat or dog around in your car, there is one inevitable major issue; pet hair being ...

The Best Pet Carpet Cleaner

Having a cat or a dog is cool and can be plenty of fun. But you know what is not cool? Your pet leaving a mess on your new carpet or rug.  Obviously, it is not your pet's fault. However, you can’t just have your carpet looking dirty and smelling like pee. It is not only an embarrassment, ...

Do You Tip Carpet Cleaners?

We're all thankful for the work that professionals do around our city, community, and country. They work hard to ensure our safety and do their best to make sure everything around us is working as designed. This is what they get paid to do, but more importantly this is what they love to do. ...

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